Located in the heart of Salt Lake City,
and situated right next door to
sister restaurant Ivy & Varley, Varley is
a craft cocktail bar and lounge for the
downtown executive, urban local,
and out-of-town guest seeking an
innovative approach to high-end cocktail
culture without all the pretense.

Led by Bryan Borreson and Vaughn Carrick
of the Realine Group, Varley maintains
the same modern aesthetic as
Ivy & Varley, but with a little more edge.
It's the perfect setting to share
drinks and dialogue for both the most
discernible of cocktail connoisseurs and
those simply seeking a cold craft beer or
pour on the rocks. If you're hungry,
Varley conveniently shares the same
kitchen as Ivy and offers plates to
pair with the full selection of
drink options available.